As a copyeditor, Catriona possesses a solid command of English grammar, style, and punctuation. She possesses the good judgment, ruthlessness, and savvy required of a capable editor. I’ve been consistently pleased with Catriona’s editing of pages of fiction. I give her the highest recommendation.

Kristine Mietzner, author of ‘Reservations’, a one-act comedy

Working with Catriona as a copyeditor has been a pleasure. She is thorough, flexible, and professional in her edits, which is why I’ve kept coming back to work with her over the years.

Lisa Webb, writer and publisher at Canadian Expat Mom

I’m traditionally published, so my novels are edited by copyeditors and proofers at the Big Five New York publishers. But I choose to pay Catriona Turner out of pocket to double-check their work, to catch the errors they inevitably miss. Catriona is just that good. Knowing she’s gone over my book with her fine-toothed comb helps this author sleep well at night. 

RH Herron, author of Stolen Things and Hush Little Baby (spring 2021)

With our research reports addressed to policy makers, Catriona has helped us in better communicating the results of our analysis in plain language, without compromising on accuracy. She not only corrects typos but also ensures consistency and improves the communication style. We strongly appreciate her professionalism and ability to meet deadlines. csilmilano.com

Silvia Vignetti, Director, CSIL

Catriona is the best editor I have ever worked with. Full stop. Not only is she very good at what she does, but she really goes the extra mile to make sure your work is the absolute best it can be. She made some critical suggestions for my first memoir that really brought everything together. The icing on the cake is how friendly, interesting, and tuned-in she is. She makes writing fun. I can’t wait to work with her again.

Sandy Miranda, broadcaster and author of ‘Tuning In’