What’s the word bothy?

A bothy is a Scottish mountain retreat, a tiny cottage offering shelter from the elements. If you’re out in a wilderness of language and grammar, come on in, and I’ll help you get cosy with your words.


What can I do for you? I work with just one client at a time, so you will have my undivided editing attention.


Your raw text needs to be finessed. I can edit it for fluency, clarity, and style. Depending on the level of input you want, I can even coach you to better habits in the future. Click here for more detail.


For that crucial final check before you submit or publish, my eagle eyes will spot any unprofessional errors, inconsistencies, or necessary corrections. Click here for more detail.


I can translate French into fluent and stylish native-speaker English, and English into functional and accurate French. I can take your machine translation and transform it into polished English ready for human readers.

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About Me

Catriona Turner: writer, editor, speaker, teacher… all-round international word-wrangler.

Hi, I’m Catriona. A qualified English teacher, I spent 10 years in Scottish classrooms, teaching secondary classes up to Advanced Higher level, and exam marking for the Scottish Qualifications Authority.

For the last 10 years, I’ve been living overseas with my family, in France, Uganda, Congo, Denmark, and now back in Paris, France. I’ve been able to devote my time to my own writing, but I still love wielding that red pen!

My expertise with the English language comes not just from my qualifications, but also from years of teaching others to write well and communicate effectively, and from the huge insights gained from studying other languages.

I’m fluent in French, having had the opportunity for a year of intense study in France, and couldn’t tear myself away from learning Danish, no matter how well the Danes spoke English! Getting into the structure of language, understanding how it works, and revealing its secrets, gives me a genuine thrill. There’s more to explore at The Word Bothy blog – click here to read.

My passion for grammar, syntax, and a well-turned phrase is at your service. Let me make your sentences sing!

For more information, or to request a sample edit, email me here: thewordbothy@gmail.com


The baseline rates below indicate what you might pay. Agreed fees will depend on word count and input required, and will follow a free sample edit and discussion with the client. Rates are in GBP, but feel free to contact me wherever you are in the world.



Standard rate: £0.02 per word
(Minimum £30)


Standard copyediting: from £400 per book
In-depth copyediting: from £600 per book



Standard rate: £0.01 per word
(Minimum £20)


From £250 per book

First-Time Author?

I want to support fellow writers, and I know it takes blood, sweat, and tears, as well as cash, to get your book from first draft to published. Don’t hesitate to reach out, whatever your budget. If everything else feels right, we just might still be able to work together.


Catriona is the best editor I have ever worked with. Full stop. Not only is she very good at what she does, but she really goes the extra mile to make sure your work is the absolute best it can be. She made some critical suggestions for my first memoir that really brought everything together. The icing on the cake is how friendly, interesting, and tuned-in she is. She makes writing fun. I can’t wait to work with her again.

Sandy Miranda, broadcaster and author of ‘Tuning In’

I’m traditionally published, so my novels are edited by copyeditors and proofers at the Big Five New York publishers. But I choose to pay Catriona Turner out of pocket to double-check their work, to catch the errors they inevitably miss. Catriona is just that good. Knowing she’s gone over my book with her fine-toothed comb helps this author sleep well at night. 

RH Herron, author of Stolen Things and Hush Little Baby (spring 2021)


For more information, or to arrange a sample edit, don’t hesitate to reach out using the contact information below, or by filling in the form.

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