About Me

Catriona Turner: writer, editor, speaker, teacher… all-round international word-wrangler.

Hi, I’m Catriona. A qualified English teacher, I spent 10 years in Scottish classrooms, teaching secondary classes up to Advanced Higher level, and exam marking for the Scottish Qualifications Authority.

For the last 10 years, I’ve been living overseas with my family, in France, Uganda, Congo, Denmark, and now back in Paris, France. I’ve been able to devote my time to my own writing, but I still love wielding that red pen!

My expertise with the English language comes not just from my qualifications, but also from years of teaching others to write well and communicate effectively, and from the huge insights gained from studying other languages.

I’m fluent in French, having had the opportunity for a year of intense study in France, and couldn’t tear myself away from learning Danish, no matter how well the Danes spoke English! Getting into the structure of language, understanding how it works, and revealing its secrets, gives me a genuine thrill. There’s more to explore at The Word Bothy blog – click here to read.

My passion for grammar, syntax, and a well-turned phrase is at your service. Let me make your sentences sing!

For more information, or to request a sample edit, email me here: thewordbothy@gmail.com